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POSTED: 12/20/12 5:12 PM

St. Maarten – Andrew Mini” Richardson was named Man of the year by the Middle Region and Defiance Community Council last week for his devotion to teaching youngsters in these districts baseball, softball or basketball. Before the community council was established, Richardson singlehandedly organized a gift-basket drive for the elderly and the less fortunate.

During an award ceremony in the parking lot across from the Calabash Lounge, bar and restaurant in Middle Region council board members Tony Hawley, Oliver William and departing president Lenny Priest received awards for their outstanding community service.

The new board that will take office in January is led by president Angelica Chittick. Oscar Lucas is vice president, Rosalind Chittick secretary, and Wilma LaRocque treasurer; Cuthbert Sebastien and Sandra Lake are board members.

The council awarded Alfred Romeo for his dedication to the construction of the new road in Middle Region. Esperanza “Borchie” Sutton-Rogers received an award for her great service to the elderly and to young people in the two districts. Lastly, Margaret Reid, at 87 one of the oldest residents, received a gift basket. She still travels every day to Philipsburg to sell her peanuts, cashew nuts and beverages – an example for any young people. “If she is able to go to work every day at her age, they can do it also,” the community council stated in a press release.

During the Christmas season two elderly residents, Maria Rogers and the recently turned 100 years of age Sylvanie Arrindell will receive gift baskets from the council.

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