Andrew Dick sequel premieres this summer

POSTED: 01/24/12 1:26 PM

GREAT BAY – Twice a Dick is the title of the forthcoming sequel to the Andrew Dick Show movie, which premiered on four television channels last year. The announcement on the sequel is part of a statement on the release of the DVD for The Andrew Dick Show movie.
Dick is hoping that businesses will support his efforts to get the sequel onto the silver screen. The movie, which will be released this summer, features a mix of the original cast and new comers. The returning actors include Rolando Brison, Dwayne Cameron, Edmond Paul and the blowup doll. The entire cast and some guest performers, people would not expect in a comedy will perform a series of “crazy” sketches in the new movie.

The DVD version of the Andrew Dick Show Movie is available at DVD Express and WTN Cable for $20. Dick has asked people to support the local film industry by buying copies instead of buying/selling pirated copies. The movie is filled skits about situations affecting the daily lives of St Maarten residents.

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