AMFO signs last financing agreements in St. Maarten

POSTED: 09/27/12 12:26 PM

St. Maarten – Recently two subsidy contracts were handed over by the Antillean co-financing organization Amfo to the No Kidding with our Kids Foundation and to the Sr. Magda Primary School.

The No kidding with our Kids Foundation got a subsidy of more than 600,000 guilders (a bit above $335,000) for the “After School Activities Program”. Within this program about 135 – 160 children  within the age group  of 4 – 14 will receive guidance with their homework, but are also offered creative, social educative and recreational activities and a hot meal.  The program is specifically aimed at children who do not have supervision in the afternoon and who are from families which are under difficult circumstances. This necessity is often brought forward by the schools. The program already exists for years and is directed by Merlyn Schaminee. Due to the fact that AMFO will cease to exist in 2013 the program is shortened until July. AMFO considers this project as a very successful and well executed program that has been financed for the past few years.

The Breakfast at School-program of the Sr. Magda Primary School received an amount of about 42,000 guilders (almost $23,500). It is well known that the lack of breakfast has a great impact on the performance of children at school. About 10% of the pupils arrive at school without any breakfast. A selection is made by the teachers and 35 children will receive a healthy breakfast.

As Amfo ceases to exist, the organization hopes that these projects, amongst others, will find ways to continue in the future as it appeals to a greater need within the community.

In a press release Amfo thanked the local non-governmental organizations for the very pleasant and constructive collaboration and wishes them all the best in their search for future support and financing.

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AMFO signs last financing agreements in St. Maarten by

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