Amador Jones murder-suspect will stand trial in June

POSTED: 02/23/12 2:31 PM

St. Maarten – Kennedy Cynrick Akeem D., 18, appeared in the Court in First Instance charged with involvement in the April 16, 2011 murder of Amador Jones. The murder is part of the so-called Vesuvius-investigation. The court postponed the trial until June 13 because the investigation is not complete yet.

The prosecutor’s office suspects D. to be an accessory to the Amador Jones murder. Prosecutor mr. Bart den Hartigh asked the court to send the case back to the Judge of Instruction for possible further investigation and the hearing of witnesses. Like in the other Vesuvius-cases, the prosecutor expects the investigation to be complete by mid-May.

D.’s attorney mr. Cor Merx objected to the lengthy postponement. “There are no new facts or circumstances that require further investigation,” he said. “The investigation into the Amador Jones murder is as good as finished. There is no reason to wait another three months and three weeks.”

mr. Merx said that the defense is ready to plead the case and that he does not require further witness hearings.

Prosecutor den Hartigh pointed out that scrutinizing phone data still requires some time.

Judge mr. Monique Keppels granted the postponement.

The Vesuvius-investigation focuses on murders related to drugs criminality. Last year Amador Jones, Hector Miguel Arrindell and his brother Rodolfo Arrindell, and Eric Lake and Kevin Gumbs were all murdered in a violent sequence that bears all the characteristics of a power struggle between drugs gangs.

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Amador Jones murder-suspect will stand trial in June by

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