Amador Jones murder suspect handed over to immigration

POSTED: 04/27/11 11:51 AM

St. Maarten – The public prosecutor’s office handed over a suspect in the Amador Jones murder investigation to immigration yesterday. “There are not enough grounds to keep him in custody,” Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos stated in a press release.

The suspect, identified as F. from St. Kitts became the victim of a drive by shooting in Dutch Quarter last Wednesday. The man was hit in one of his legs and taken to the hospital where he was interviewed by police. He told the officers that Omar J., the brother of murder victim Amador Jones had fired the shots at him. The shooter is on the run form the police.

That inspired the prosecutor’s office to examine the possibility that F. had had something to do with the Amador Jones murder that took place Saturday a week ago at the Sunrise car wash and snack bar in Cul de Sac opposite the John Cooper/ Jose Lake Sr. Ballpark .

When F. was about to leave the hospital on Saturday with the intention to return to St. Kitts, he was arrested at the instruction of the prosecutor’s office. But it soon turned out that F. could not possibly be the killer. “The investigation has shown that this suspect does not fit the description of the man who shot Amador Jones,” Chief Prosecutor Mos stated.

Because the reason to detain F. no longer existed yesterday morning, the prosecutor decided not to preset the detainee to the Judge of Instruction, but to hand him over to immigration instead.


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