Amador Jones murder case – Defense wants acquittal for accessory to killing

POSTED: 03/7/13 8:49 PM

St. Maarten – Solicitor-General Taco Stein demanded yesterday that the Common Court of Justice confirms the Court in First Instance’s verdict against Kennedy Cynrick Akeem Daniel for being an accessory to Omax Bye who killed Amador Jones on April 16, 2011. Daniel’s attorney Cor Merx asked the court to acquit his client of this charge and to sentence him for firearm possession – a charge the 22-year-old defendant had admitted to. The court will pronounce its verdict on March 27.

The appeal hearing started yesterday afternoon with a witness that was called by the Common Court of Justice: Carlos Richardson the hit man of gang leader Omar Jones in the Vesuvius-trial.

Richardson told the court that he does now know whether Daniel was involved in the Amador Jones murder. He also claimed that he did not know Daniel, even after the court confronted him with a statement he made to the police on November 19, 2011. “Who is Kennedy Akeem Daniel aka Shaq?” was the question. And Richardson is said to have answered: “Yes I know him; I call him Shaq.”

But yesterday Richardson denied this: “I never said that. They asked me and I said no. I was not there, I have not seen anything, and we never had a friendship either.”
When the court confronted the witness with another report, stating that he had voluntarily come to the police with information about the Amador Jones murder, Richardson said that such a conversation never took place. “It never happened. They just asked me questions. The officer said that word on the street is that Daniel was involved. I only said that I had heard that too.”

But the court persisted: “You said that it was Mad Max (Omax Bye – ed.) who killed Amador Jones and that Akeem dropped him off.”

Richardson stuck to his guns as well; “I was not answering any questions. I used my right to remain silent.”

Solicitor-General Taco Stein presented the evidence against Daniel that had also been used to convict him in First Instance and demanded that the court confirm the lower court’s verdict.

Attorney Cor Merx asked the court to acquit his client of being an accessory to the murder. ”There is no convincing evidence that my client was involved,” he said. “Not a single witness has seen my client, and Richardson has emphatically denied the statements the police attribute to him.”

Attorney Merx said that the first one to link Daniel to the murder was an anonymous witness whose statement is based on hearsay.”On top he made the statement six months after the murder and after all the publicity the case had received in the media.” Merx pointed to another discrepancy: witnesses spoke of a motor bike in black and blue colors, while Daniel had black and white colored bike. “why has this bike not been confiscated, examined and shown to witnesses?” he asked. “It has not been examined but it was used as evidence against my client.”

The attorney said that the case file does not contain a shred of evidence that ties his client to the crime scene.”In spite of all the witnesses, nobody has seen my client. There is no proof that his bike was used either. He admitted that he had a firearm in his possession. That shows that he is prepared to admit to something he did. For the rest he uses his right to remain silent because he does not feel like involving others.”

Merx asked the court to sentence Daniel for the firearm possession to a prison term equal to the time he has already served, and to acquit him of involvement in the Amador Jones murder.


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