Amador Jones fifth murder victim in 2011

POSTED: 04/18/11 4:51 PM

Plenty of witnesses but no one talks to police

St. Maarten – Amador Jones was shot to death in the Under the Sun Car wash and Snack Bar across from the John Cooper/Jose Lake Ball Park in Cul de Sac on Saturday evening around eleven o’clock, but in spite of the fact that there were many people on the scene, none came forward to provide information to the police.

Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos expressed his dissatisfaction with the public’s attitude. “The victim was shot in a melee, but the people who were there did not see anything,” he said.

The prosecutor said that the atmosphere at the scene was tense when police officers arrived on the scene. “People did not see anything and again nobody was ready to answer questions,” Mos said. “The atmosphere was so tense that, had they decided to take people to the station for questioning, the situation would have turned into a huge fight, so the officers decided not to do that.”

Though patrons at the bar refused to cooperate with the police, some of them did tell officers that they’d better arrest somebody soon. “Otherwise we will do it ourselves,” they said.

Mos: “That is of course not acceptable. I understand that people want our police to arrest the killer, but they should not start thinking about taking the law into their own hands. If they do not give us information, they complicate the investigation.”

The prosecutor said that, with so many people present, somebody must have seen something. Officers on the scene asked people to remain at their disposal for questioning later, but Mos urges witnesses to come forward with information – anonymous if they wish to do so.

The number of the tip line for witnesses who wish to remain anonymous is 9300.

With the murder of Amador Jones, the tally for the year stands at five killings. After a quiet start of the year, the island experienced its first murder of the year on February 25, when Ludovic Guillevin was murdered in Mullet Bay. On Friday March 4 Eduardo Nova-Valdez was found murdered execution-style, and on the evening of that day Emilio de Leon-Reyes was killed; the next morning Foidel Luis was murdered.

The murder of Amador Jones triggered a flood of reactions on internet sites that reported the shooting. Among offerings of sympathy to his family, there were also reactions of a darker nature that hinted at reasons for the murder.

Apparently, Jones was shot when he entered the premises on Saturday evening around eleven o’clock. Nine shots were fired, of which four hit him. Friends took him to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life.

“Why? Because people shoot at you for a reason,” one reaction on the internet read. “Live by the gun, die by the gun,” was another reaction. And: “How you live is how you die 99 percent of the time.”

An even more specific reaction read: “Everybody who knew Amador and his brother knows what kind of men they are … they beat people up …. They kill people for no reason.”

But another reaction, apparently from somebody who has a relationship with the victim, commented, “The things I heard and the man I fell in love with did not correspond, He had turned his life around 360 degrees. (…) He was a mentor, coach, friend, shoulder to lean on, advisor, protector and much more, and he will truly be missed by everyone.”

Yet another reaction hints at vigilante justice: “No need to find out my identity. When my to-do list is done, I’ll turn myself in. they had enough time to do the right thing, but they choose not to, So now, forgiveness is between them and God. I’m just going to arrange the meeting.”

A rather harsh reaction, that also contains references about the victim’s family that we will not publish here, read: “Good. How many lives he has killed and got away with. God always gives us what we deserve and he deserved it. Maybe SXM will be a safer place now.”

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  1. latina love says:

    Amador jones didn’t deserve this…. He die but will always be present in everyones heart he was a father ,a friend and care about the ones who loved him and care about him!!! GOD remember he face and our faces and save us a place in heaven so we can all be together again !!! Love u DOR with all my heart !!!

  2. Mahalia Brown says:

    I’m what Amador called his little sister from Orlando fl,can you please look me up on facebook and inbox me please.