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St. Maarten – A combination of strength and endurance will be the ultimate factors when athletes go up against  each other in a series of events that is being dubbed as the ‘Fittest on the Rock’ which takes place this Saturday May 30th FROM 10am at the Blue Mall.

The  workout competition will require the participants to compete in various workouts and It will be open to the general public for free, however the participants will be required to pay a sign up fee of $10.

According to the organizers, the participants will indicate which categories they will be participating in. Some of the workouts the challenge is to complete the most repetitions in a specified time frame and for the other workouts it is about maximum weight the individual can do.

The workouts are divided between male and female.  For the weightlifing categories, participants will be categorized by weight namely.  Male Lightweight 175 lbs, middleweight 176 lbs,  200 lbs and Heavyweight 200 lbs.  Females Lightweight 145 lbs, heavyweight 146 lbs.

(All workouts with use of the barbell will be per weight class). The workouts will consist of the following- Burpees – most reps in 1 minute.  Box jumps – most reps in 1 minute, dips – most reps in 1 minute,  push -ups – most reps in 1 minute, pull-ups – most reps in 1 minute,  muscle ups – most reps in 1 minute,  Handstand Push-ups – max reps, tire flips – most flips in 1 minute,  dead hang – max time,  plank – max time,  Wall squat – max time,  Rope climb – fastest time.

Back squat – max weight, Deadlift – max weight,  Bench press – max weight, Military press – max weight, Front Squat – max weight , Weighted pull ups – max weight, Weighted dips – max weight, Back squat – max reps in 90 seconds, Deadlift – max reps in 90 seconds, Bench press – max reps in 45 seconds,  Military press – max reps in 45 seconds,  Weighted pull- ups – max reps in 45 seconds and  Weighted dips – max reps in 45 seconds.

Medals will be awarded to the top three places for each workout.  A MVP will also be chosen based on the most medals won overall.  Additionally, all participants will receive a goodie bag which will include various fitness related products by TDQ and sponsors


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