Aliotti elected chairman of regional commission

POSTED: 02/15/12 1:42 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – Vice-President in charge of environment Pierre Aliotti has been elected chairman of the shores commission of the organization for French territories in the Americas. Aliotti succeeds Mayor of St. Anne and Martinique Malsa Garcin who has been the chair for five years

The shores commission takes care of environmental issues, assists with guidelines for coastal areas, proposes acquisition program near shorelines, and gives an opinion on the particular operations of acquisition. Aliotti’s appointment is considered great news for him and the Collectivité de St. Martin.
“I am delighted and honored to represent you as the new chairman of the French shores of America. I will be your spokesman to the board of the conservatory and I want to be your regular partner to bring the projects concerning the protection and enhancement of our shores from overseas,” Aliotti said as he accepted the appointment.

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