Airport Road hit and run case moved to next year

POSTED: 10/9/15 12:12 PM

cohenwwwC. being escorted to the court house in April. Photo Today / Andrew Dick

Court could not find translator for defendant

St. Maarten –Kevyn Maurice C. will have his day in court on January 20, 2016. C. caused the fatal accident that took the life of Rotary president Ramesh Manek on April 16. The prosecution has charged the defendant with manslaughter and, if that does not hold up, with wrongful death. The court translator is on vacation and one was needed for the proceedings on Wednesday to translate from Dutch to French for the defendant. Attorneys Paula Janssen and Eldon Sulvaran had no objections to moving the trial to next year.

The family and supporters of the former Rotary president sported white tee shirts with the face of the late Ramesh Manek on them and they were not pleased with the moving of the trial date. The wife of Manek shed tears after hearing the announcement from the judge. Public Prosecutor Karola van Nie assisted the court in finding a translator however could they not find anybody. The charges against C. are that he killed Manek while he was under the influence of alcohol. The victim was jogging on the Airport road when C. fatally hit him with the Hummer he was driving around 7 a.m. on April 16.

Another point of contention is where Manek was jogging on the road. The defendant has claimed that the victim was on his side of the road, but prosecutor Lemmers disagreed during an earlier court hearing in July: “The jogger was on the edge of the left side of the road, not where the Hummer should have been driving.” This suggests that C. swerved to the other side of the road when he hit Manek. The judge did not take a decision about returning the Hummer to the defendant’s father, so it will remain impounded until the trial.

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