Airport meets with DAE to solve problems

POSTED: 08/5/13 12:07 PM

St. Maarten – Following public anxiety over the fate of the Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) flight from Santo Domingo to the Princess Juliana International Airport, yesterday afternoon as well as a subsequent telephone conversation between the Managing Director, Regina Labega and Steve Sloop of DAE, the airline was allowed to execute the flight normally but was put on notice that this was strictly on “humanitarian grounds” only in consideration for the plight of the passengers. The flight was thus classified as an “evacuation”.

DAE was informed that the decision would extend also to its flight today; however, the airline would have to attend an urgent meeting with the airport authorities at 2 p.m. the same day in an attempt to find a “reasonable and workable” solution to the lingering problem.

PJIAE N.V. has been working with DAE in good faith throughout the latter’s serious challenges and has shown great leniency and goodwill for a continued partnership with the airline and will continue to do so as long as DAE takes serious steps to reciprocate.

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Airport meets with DAE to solve problems by

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