Airport helps school with cleaning supplies

POSTED: 02/13/13 12:36 PM

SXM helps MLK

From left to right Christopher Emmanuel, teacher Mary Victor, adjunct school manager Lucia Kroon, Kalifa Hickinson, manager marketing and communications at the airport and students of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Primary School.(SXM Airport photo)

St. Maarten – Princess Juliana International Airport helped out the Martin Luther King Jr. primary school with janitorial supplies after social activist Christopher Emmanuel approached airport-director Regina Labega. The school received the supplies on Monday.

“There was no hesitation on her part when I contacted her,” Emmanuel said. “I was on Fernando Clark’s radio show one night and one of the teachers called in to say how the school lacked several materials. Fernando, in his usual manner, said, ‘no problem, Chris will take care of it. When I contacted Regina, her response was instant; she told me to come over. SXM Airport really came through big time.” “

It is a standing policy of ours to extend a helping hand to our schools whenever and wherever possible,” Labega said. “A school with a name like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. needing assistance during a month like February, Black History Month? It is just natural for SXM Airport to quickly do what it can to help.”

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