Airport drops TelEm as internet provider

POSTED: 09/19/13 11:54 AM

St. Maarten – Departing and arriving passengers will have to wait a while longer for WIFI connection at the Princess Juliana International Airport. According to one outgoing passenger “this is the only international airport in the world where passengers are unable to connect on the internet.”

The airport’s Managing Director Regina Labega said that the reason that the connection is down, is because that are in the process of getting another provider to supply them with the internet service. It was said that the service that the airport was receiving was not “up to par” and the airport was experiencing dropouts with the service they were receiving from service provide TelEm.

A TelEm representative said he is aware of the problems with service but had asked that the airport wait a while longer to have it fixed.  This apparently did not go down too well with the airport management and it decided to ask another supplier to give them the service.

Regardless which provider the airport chooses, it still has to go through TelEm because the company owns the fiber optic cable.

Labega said that the reason to stop the service now is because September has been the slowest time for airport with the lowest number of arrivals. She expects to have the internet “up and running” by the time the tourism season starts next month.

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