Air St. Maarten offers direct flight to Guyana

POSTED: 06/16/14 11:20 PM

GREAT BAY – Air St. Maarten will be the first in aviation to launch a direct flight to Guyana from St. Maarten. “This is the best news I have heard,” said a Guyanese national living on St. Maarten.

Chief Executive Officer of Air St. Maarten Terrence Rey said in an interview on In Depth with Andrew Bishop, that after months of market research it was decided to have Air St. Maarten fly directly from St. Maarten to Guyana twice weekly. The flight is expected to depart St. Maarten at about 10 am and arrive in Guyana at midday.

The inaugural flight is expected to commence on Wednesday July 2, 2014 and from  all indications the flight is expected to be full because the other airlines that flies to Guyana is said to be full or over booked for the summer holidays. With Air St. Maarten entering the market with a direct flight to Guyana, it is said that this will make a huge impact because it is a direct flight and the cost to fly to Guyana is much lower than the other airlines.

The initiative to have the departure time to mid-morning was the fact that people from the neighboring countries could connect with Air St. Maarten and be in Georgetown by midday. This gives them an opportunity to reach most places on the coastland before nightfall, which is also a plus for the traveler.

Passengers using this service will be entitled to one piece of luggage of fifty pounds and because of the direct flight they may be able to carry an extra piece of luggage at a much reduced price than is customary with other airlines. During the flight the passengers will also be served with snacks since this is seen as a short flight. There is also the possibility for people who have excess baggage to have it sent by cargo. “What we intend to do is the cargo that we cannot carry will be outsourced to another carrier,” said Rey.

He noted that they are presently looking at the two main seasons for these flights which is summer and Christmas; however, if there is a demand for further service they will ensure that the travelling public has an opportunity to get on a flight to Guyana.

It was pointed out that during their market study they realized that there are a number of destinations such as Jamaica, Guyana, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and South America that are not adequately served, even though there is a large population living on St. Maarten. “We are looking at all these destinations to see what could be done,” said Rey.

He is looking forward to meet with tour operators, travel agents and counterparts in Guyana to ensure that they could offer a whole new experience for visitors to that South American country since there is a demand by travelers for eco-tourism.

After experiencing air travel since he was three years old, he “want to offer a service that is fast and hassle free where passengers do not have the problems of connecting flights and arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

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