Air Lekkerbek going away

POSTED: 12/15/14 10:14 PM

The iconic Air Lekkerbek restaurant on the Pondfill next to the office of the Today Newspaper has closed its doors. A small note near the entrance tells visitors that the Rotary Sunrise Club, which used the airplane-eatery for its breakfast meetings, has relocated to Carl’s and Son Bakery on the Walter Nisbeth Road. Part of the premises is temporarily leased to another company, but for now, the eatery will not receive customers anymore. It is unclear whether someone will take over the business and continue with the restaurant business.


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  1. keith bryan says:

    May I ask if the lekkerbek plane is still there? And if it was taken away where is it now? In the mid 80’s that plane N107MP belonged to Mid pacific airline and I was one of the flight line mechanics that took care of it then it became the property of winair and then became Air lekkerbek I just learned that my old ys11 became a restaurant and I was hoping to visit it on vacation but now I understand it is closed. Can you offer any information as to where it is now?