Aids Foundation, Generation New Status and Golden Age Foundation local winners Kroonappel Award

POSTED: 03/21/13 12:50 PM
drumbandSome of the children of the Generation New Status STM Drum band

St. Maarten – The three foundations that got enough votes and are still in the running for a Kroonappel Award are the St. Maarten Aids Foundation, Youmay Dourmoy’s Generation New Status STM Drum band and the Home Away from Home, Golden Age Foundation.

Because of the upcoming inauguration, the Orange Fund organized the ‘Kroonappel’ Award, for this year’s cultural competition within the Dutch Kingdom.

Yesterday the three local foundations got the news that they won the most votes on the island to go through to the next round in order to win the grand prize of €50,000 ($65,000) and an ‘Appeltje van Oranje’.

In the category ‘Community’ the Aids Foundation won with its HIV Testing Day. The purpose of this initiative is to provide free and anonymous testing to get the communities healthy and HIV free on St. Maarten. The foundation has 5 to 6 testing days a year and has reached up to 2600 people throughout the years.  The foundation has tried to make communities aware about HIV testing and safe sex and has succeeded. More people come to the testing days every year and people have start seeing the testing as one of their regular check-ups.

“We are honored that the community of St. Maarten have come together and supported us by voting for us,” Executive Director of the Aids Foundation Rae Merlet said. “This is a huge recognition towards the foundation and we are very happy to see that.”

With this money the foundation will be able to purchase more tests and organize more free testing events on the island. “We will be able to expand to other districts to provide information about HIV and safe sex and to have events on a more regular base,” Merlet said. “The tests are free to our patience and will remain free. This money will get us more tests and we can expand our program, it will have definitely more opportunities for our foundation.”

The second nominee for the ‘Kroonappel’ Award in the category Helping Hands is the Home away from Home, Golden Age Foundation. This foundation focuses on the elderly on St. Maarten and has been doing so almost for the past 10 years.

The Golden Age Foundation is a non-profit organization which has year round events and activities to stimulate and enhance the well-being of the elderly. Through organized planned events and project the foundation allows the seniors citizens to work towards their physical condition, thereby giving them a sense of purpose, self-worth importance and satisfaction.

“This good news is so excited for me and I would like to thank all of the supporters of the foundation. Without them this has not been possible,” President of the foundation Patricia ‘Patsy’ Flanders said. “We can do so much more for those who have built the paths to where we are now, this is very stimulating. I am jumping for joy,” Flanders said.

With the €50,000 the foundation will be able to focus more on the well-being of the elderly and can organize more projects to make them feel comfortable. Some of their main goals are to reduce the reality of being alone thereby reducing possible feeling of depression and isolation and to create an environment for at least a portion of the day and to build a daycare where the elderly can come, spend the day and return at home in the evening, which has an urgent need.

The last nominee in the category Youth is the Generation New Status STM Drum band led by Youmay Dormoy.

The band which was established in 2008 is still led by Dormoy and has worked with thousands of children over the years. The purpose of the band is to teach the art of drumming to children and youngsters in the age of 5 to 16. Dormoy wants to extend the band to other districts of the island to get the youth more involved in the cultural and artistic side of the band. Also to give the youth a boost to develop themselves more by not only teach them how to drum but give those lessons in discipline, respect and responsibilities.

“This is a good feeling,” Dormoy said. “It doesn’t stop here; we want to reach to the top.”

Dormoy explained that this next round of voting will be a completely different one. “This round all the organizations have to vote for another nominee in the same category. The one you think is the best one will get your vote,” Dormoy explained. “This makes it even more excited and makes us want to make it even harder to complete our goals, since it is no longer in our hands.”

The money the Generation New Status hopes to win will go towards a clubhouse for the band. “A clubhouse for the band is something really important to me, we will have a place to rehearse, a place to store our uniforms and instruments and get the opportunity to expand the band with wind instruments. Also I would love to expend to other areas of the island to work more with the children,” he added. “Still we are happy to be placed, the kids are excited and we are looking forward to it.”

For the grand finale of the Kroonappel Award, all the regional winners will come together where one winner of each category will be announced by the judges on Thursday April 18.

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Aids Foundation, Generation New Status and Golden Age Foundation local winners Kroonappel Award by

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