Again 9 years for accomplice to Amador Jones murder

POSTED: 03/28/13 12:51 PM

St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice sentenced Kennedy Akeem Cynrick Daniel yesterday on appeal to 9 years imprisonment for complicity to the murder of Amador Jones on
April 16, 2011. The Court in First Instance had sentenced Daniel also to 9 years, but the defendant appealed the verdict.

The court wrote in its decision that it has been established that Omax Bye, aka Mad Max killed Amador Jones. Based on the evidence presented to the court, it appears that Daniel took Bye to the location where Jones was murdered on a bike or a scooter. He waited for Bye to do his job and then fled together with him from the crime scene on the bike or scooter.

The court considers Daniel an accomplice because he must have known that bye was going to kill Jones.

“Nino snitched me out,” Daniel said in an expletive laden phone call to Jamal Romney. The court saw as further proof for Daniel’s involvement his statement to Romney “I drop pardner on black and blue bike” adding that Romney had to move the bike to a different location.

Daniel furthermore did not give a plausible explanation for his phone contacts with Bye shortly before and shortly after the Jones murder. “The defendant must also have heard the shots,” the court noted, “because according to a witness a bike passed by from the direction of where he had heard shots.”

Daniel was also sentenced for firearm possession. The court acquitted the defendant of killing Jones.

While Daniel’s attorney made a point in his defense of the question whether a scooter or a motor bike had been used to take Bye to the killing grounds, the appeals court got away from this issue by leaving it out and by simply considering proven that Daniel had transported Bye to the crime scene.

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