AG Schram stands by corruption statement

POSTED: 09/23/15 6:54 PM


St. Maarten– Attorney-General Guus Schram declined further comment on the statements he made last Friday during the installation of Judge Sander van Rijen. From a reaction this newspaper received yesterday via his spokesman Norman Serphos it appears that the attorney-general stands by his position that “there are numerous indications showing that the underworld and legitimate society in St. Maarten are structurally intertwined.”

This newspaper confronted Schram via email with conclusions from the integrity report of the Bob Wit Committee and asked whether he would correct his statement or offer more insights to substantiate his claim. The Wit-report concludes that there are no concrete indications for the structural interconnection between the underworld and legitimate society. Transparency International came to the same conclusion in its integrity assessment.

“I put it in front of him,” Serphos stated in an email yesterday. “First he wanted to think about it. Now he says that he will not react further. He was clear in his speech.”

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