AG Dick Piar subject of illegal wiretaps

POSTED: 11/19/13 4:10 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Attorney-General Dick Piar acknowledges that he has been the subject of illegal wiretaps in 2011. In a brief statement Piar said that he discovered in 2012 that he had been wiretapped the year before.

Piar informed the Justice Minister at the time, Elmer Wilsoe about the situation. He decided not to take further action. In his statement, Piar does not explain why he decided not to take action. The attorney-general issued his statement after the Papiamento-language newspaper vigilante reported that Dutch agents had illegally tapped his phone.

After the Vigilante-publication, both Wilsoe and his successor Nelson Navarro said that they were aware of the situation. Last Thursday Piar said that he did not want to comment but that he would soon issue a statement.

Piar informed Navarro about the wiretapping in March, when he was still a member of the business cabinet of Daniel Hodge. Minister Navarro saw no reason to take further steps, given the way he was informed about the wiretaps.

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