Advice to timeshare owners: don’t sell American newsletter: Wifol is acting poorly

POSTED: 05/15/12 11:51 AM

St. Maarten – The Wifol union is “acting poorly” in the dispute with the Simpson Bay Resort, Jeff Berger writes in his weekly electronic newsletter St. Maarten Weekly News.

In a reaction to the latest developments, Berger notes: “The Labor Union Wifol, Workers Institute for Organized Labor, headed by Theophilus Thompson, is now accusing Simpson Bay Resort of refusing to pay some union workers per court order and says it’s going to take action, but doesn’t specify what.”

Berger agrees with the resort that it “should not have to pay workers it doesn’t need who were inherited from the old Pelican Resort.”

Simpson Bay is seeking funding to stay afloat while fighting the lawsuits but the resort has indicated that funding will not come from new special assessments. “Simpson Bay is losing timeshare owners in very high numbers after more than 15 years of drama and turmoil,” Berger wrote, adding that the funding will most likely come from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, that wants to establish a Hard Rock International resort and casino, with timesharing.

Berger advises timeshare owners at Simpson Bay to hang on to their property: “Don’t sell. Reports from timeshare owners visiting Simpson Bay recently are all highly positive about upgrades done so far and the level of customer service. With Hard Rock likely taking over, things will likely get better.”

Berger has little understanding for the actions of the labor union: “Wifol, however, seems to be acting poorly here. If it keeps doing that it could cause the resort to close, at least temporarily — and where would its members, the Simpson Bay employees be then?”


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Advice to timeshare owners: don’t sell American newsletter: Wifol is acting poorly by

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