Advice financial supervision on Minister Plasterk’s desk

POSTED: 08/12/15 4:26 PM

St. Maarten – The Council of Ministers submitted its reaction to the advice of the evaluation committee financial supervision this week, Finance Minister Martin Hassink told this newspaper yesterday, but he declined to comment on its content. “The advice and our comment go straight to Minister Plasterk,” he said.
Hassink said that the advice from the evaluation committee is “lengthy” and that the Council of Ministers responded in kind with an elaborate reaction.

So far, Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk’s office has not reacted to a request for information about the status of the advice.
In the meantime, there is a draft instruction on the table in The Hague. The Kingdom Council of Ministers will take a decision about it in its meeting of September 4.
Minister Hassink intends to travel to the Netherlands before that date to further clarify St. Maarten’s position.
He indicated that following the consensus kingdom law financial supervision “to the letter” is not realistic considering the country’s specific circumstances.
The finance minister finds himself in a situation akin to the one in 2013 when a lot of energy went into fighting an instruction about the 2013 budget, while the department at the same time had to prepare the 2014 budget.
Currently the government is working on the 2016 budget. The deadline for submitting the first draft to financial supervisor Cft is September 1, but it seems unlikely that the government will be able to meet that target date.

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Advice financial supervision on Minister Plasterk’s desk by

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