Addicted burglar sentenced to 21 months imprisonment

POSTED: 09/5/13 2:16 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Antonio Rafael Wilson to 21 months imprisonment with 7 months suspended and 2 years of probation for a string of crimes that includes a burglary at the home of his older brother and a case of ill-treatment.

Prosecutor  Gonda van der Wulp demanded 24 months unconditional imprisonment against Wilson with a deduction for the 84 days the 58-year-old already spent in pretrial detention.

On January 1, Wilson burglarized a company on the Illidge road. He denied this charge, saying that he was with his sister Nathalie, even though he was recognized on video footage. Questioned by the police however, the sister said that she had not seen her brother that day and that she was at the house of a niece. “He lies a lot,” she added for good measure, to which the defendant muttered, “She is lying.”

Wilson said that he had “family issues” with his sister since his father’s death. “She wants everything and she is painting me black. My father did not acknowledge her.”

The defendant, who claimed to be a professional musician, said that he is “always on camera.”

Wilson admitted that he is struggling with a drug addiction and explained that he had left a treatment at Turning Point because “you cannot put people in rehab together with people with a mental illness. I know I have an addiction but I am not mentally ill.”

That addiction indirectly also inspired Wilson to burglarize the home of his older brother on Soualiga Road. “He put me on to drugs. I went to ask him for help but he was not there. I threw a rock through a window but I did not have bad intentions. I know it was wrong.”

When Judge  Koos van de Ven pointed out that for rehab there is no alternative for Turning Point, the defendant said that there is another rehab, the Key to Freedom Christian rehab center in St. Peters.

On December 5 of last year the defendant ill-treated a man, according by the prosecution by hitting him with a machete en working the victim with his fists. Wilson said that he was attacked with the machete and that he had used his military training to defend himself. He thumped his attacker in the chest, breaking one of his ribs. “There is no evidence that you had to defend yourself,” prosecutor Van der Wulp said.

She considered the ill-treatment proven as well as two burglaries and a theft of a battery from a car. “It is a long list and the standard demand for a home burglary is 15 months,” she said, before announcing a demand of 24 months imprisonment.

Attorney Janna Westra told the court that her client maintains his innocence with regard to the burglary on Illidge Road. About the ill-treatment charge she noted that the victim had started the fracas by accusing her client of theft. The attorney said that her client had not used a weapon to hit his adversary. “This was self-defense. It is incomprehensible that only my client has been arrested for this. Mr. Westra asked the court to drop the charges for the ill-treatment and to sentence Wilson for the time he already served.

Attorney Aernout Kraaijeveld, who handled the burglary at the defendant’s brother’s home, asked the court to consider the circumstances. “He has acknowledged the burglary and he had provided an explanation. His brother got him into drugs. As long as my client stays away from drugs, chances that he will commit another crime are minimal.”

The attorney said that the alternative to Turning Point is Key to Freedom, a facility that has seven beds and is currently fully occupied.

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