Adams family stuck in St. Maarten after passing of Hurricane Irene

POSTED: 08/31/11 1:16 PM

Americans won’t get back home until next week

St. Maarten / By Milton G Pieters – The Adams family, residents of Newark in New Jersey came to St Maarten to spend one week in St. Maarten, but Hurricane Irene changed all that. The family is among the tens of thousands that were unable to return home on schedule and they are not sure exactly when they will get on a flight.
Because it’s a natural disaster, no one can be held responsible for the flight cancellations. That has caused the Adams family to take some drastic measures and they are now operating on a limited budget.
For Margaret Adams who works for the government, it’s her second trip to St Maarten, the first time was back in 1997 on a family reunion. But it’s the first time for her husband Reginald who is a security officer for a private firm. They traveled to St. Maarten with their two grand children.
The Adams family has a long list of concerns. The most important one is about the state of affairs of their apartment, followed by job security and the moment when Jet Blue will be able to accommodate them. “I have been trying constantly to make contact with my tenant by phone to find out if our house was damaged, but so far, nothing. But if there is any flooding, it will only be in the basement,” Mrs Adams said.
In light of the circumstances, the Adams family is not about to play the blame game, but the family is looking forward for the airlines to make a compromise. “We were forced to change rooms to cut cost. The hotel management gave us the room at a reduced price after we had re-booked; we also had to re-book our flight,” Mrs. Adams said.
Mrs. Adams will attempt to get a letter from the airline to explain her late return to work to her employers. “My husband may not be so lucky because he works for a private security firm. He is due back for work today and I am scheduled to resume work tomorrow.”
In this scenario, Mr. Adams has found himself trapped between a rock and a very wet place, but he is not sure what the outcome will be. “This hurricane is affecting a lot of people, luckily I was able to get on to my employers but it looks like we will not be able to get out of here until next Wednesday. But I am worried about losing my job,” he said.
According to Mr. Adams, Jet Blue should have been able to do a better job at re-establishing flights between the USA and St Maarten. “Instead, they cancelled all arrivals and departures for Monday and that has caused a serious set back. But maybe, it happened for the best.”
In his conclusion, Mr. Adams said that he loves St Maarten. “It has a real Caribbean flavor, but I will not come back here during a hurricane season, no way, it can’t be in the month of August, it has to be earlier in the year.”

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