Activist calls for Jules James to resign

POSTED: 11/28/11 8:06 AM

St. Maarten – Political Activist Eldridge van Putten has called for Managing Director of Simpson Bay Resort Management Company Jules James to resign as a Member of Parliament. He’s also welcomed Friday’s ruling by Judge Rene van Veen that both Simpson Bay Resort and Royal Resorts must respect the Collective Labor Agreement and continue paying the employees until Supreme Court has ruled on Wifol’s appeal against the November 4 and November 7 ruling.
“It is a great success for the labor market and it was very necessary that we retain the rights that the workers have with regard to their employment. If this case was ever lost there would have been at least 12 more of these cases where companies that would have left all their liabilities in the former company, along with the severance pay for the employees and they would have started a new company with all the benefits that they are granted such as the 10 year tax free benefit that is granted to some new companies. This is very dangerous for the labor market and as a result it was a very good thing that the Court was able to turn that around,” Van Putten said.
On the matter of James’ future as a politician the activist said, “There is no question of his position he must leave government immediately since his tenure as a Parliamentarian and also the manager of the resort is unacceptable. It is the reflection of greed and an indication of the governments’ main motivation which is based on selfish gain. It cannot be so that his need is so great and being underpaid so that he needs two jobs. This is unacceptable.”
Later he’d add, “Not even a simple employee is allowed to hold down two jobs. When a hotel owner demands a certain decision to be carried out and the decision is in conflict with the government, it is no excuse to be in the position of a conflict of interest and as a result it is deemed as bad governance, derelict of the labor laws and is certainly the most disgraceful act that a government can have.”

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