Active Parenting workshops to continue in new school year

POSTED: 08/12/11 7:13 PM

St. Maarten – Active Parenting workshops will continue in all Foundation Based Education and Pre Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) schools in the coming school year. These workshops will be conducted by certified trainers and leaders. The workshops will be free and all parents will receive a parent’s guide.
All school boards are making sure that there are sufficient capable leaders in their schools. At the close of the school year 2010/2011, fifteen new trainers received their certificates. These trainers are now qualified to train leaders in the program. After the last session, parents were asked to evaluate the program and give comments or feedback. They were asked: What did you like most about the videos?
Some said they could identify with the parents in the program. Others remarked that the program is very educational and it teaches various ways of disciplining without beating, screaming or having power struggles.
“This is an eye opener. It taught me to be more patient and consistent,” one parent said.
Another said, “It teaches you how to treat your child and give her/him compliments; it teaches you different ways to solve problems.”
When asked “What were the most helpful aspects of the program?” they highlighted how the program deals with consequences and effectiveness of raising your child, how it teaches parents to understand their children, and how to encourage children and make them become better and positive communicators.
For some parents, the program taught them how to manage their four and eight year olds and make them thrive in the world they are living in.
“I learned how to show more love to my child; help me see my weakness so that I can improve and how to do that, giving choices that help solve the problem,” one parent said.
“The program helped me to teach my son how to express his feelings and also to help out at home. It helped me understand my child’s feeling and have mutual respect,” another mother said.
Parents generally enjoyed the role plays during the sessions and often asked to extend the discussion period. They thought the program should be an ongoing program and that all parents should attend the sessions. Those parents who attended the workshops were satisfied with the material presented and they encouraged all parents to take part in the workshops as well.
“The Division for Educational Innovations (DERPI) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, takes this opportunity to congratulate all the trainers and wishes to encourage them to go the extra mile towards helping parents with the challenges they are facing in today’s society,” a release stated.

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