Academy calls on parents to attend meeting tonight

POSTED: 10/15/12 3:43 PM

GREAT BAY- The St. Maarten Academy PSVE has called an urgent meeting of all parents starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight. The meeting will see truancy and police officers as well as officials from the Ministry of Education in attendance. This is the first official intervention activity that the school will have since police swooped down on the Ebenezer institution, arrested a 15 year old boy for drug possession and confiscated numerous contraband items four weeks ago. The police had been summoned to the institution by teachers who said that they were being threatened by uncontrollable students.

On Friday, a representative from the school told Today that it is imperative that all parents attend the event since active parenting, discipline and juvenile delinquency will form a strong part of the agenda. Former students from the PSVE section of St. Maarten Academy have been implicated in numerous crimes on the island; some of them have become repeat offenders in the penal system. Just last week psychiatrist Dr. Sachin Gandotra made yet another clarion call for approval to conduct a study in on the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in schools in St. Maarten. Dr. Gandotra shares views with many other social activists on the island who believe that the roots of youth criminality and erratic behavior are stemming from biological, emotional, economic and environmental factors.

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