A man’s head found in an Amsterdam cafe

POSTED: 03/10/16 7:02 PM

AMSTERDAM – Mayor Eberhard van der Laan used his executive powers yesterday to close down the water pipe café where a severed head was found in the early morning. ‘We have been confronted with an extremely gruesome find. It is a shock for public order,’ Van der Laan is quoted as saying by the Parool.

The head was found outside the Fayrouz cafe on the Amstelveenseweg near the city’s Vondel Park. According to the Telegraaf, the café had a central role in the ongoing turf war between rival Moroccan criminal gangs. The head belongs to 23-year-old Amsterdammer Nabil Amzieb, whose body was found in a burned out car in the Amsterdam district of Zuidoost on Tuesday. According to the Parool’s crime reporters, he was not a main gang member and he was probably killed as a warning to others.

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