2014 Eventful year for animal foundation

POSTED: 03/6/15 1:08 PM

St. Maarten -The annual report for the animal welfare foundation is in and 2014 was an eventful year for the foundation, with 1290 home visits, 539 sterilizations, 260 stray animals collected, 109 mange dogs treated and 108 animals adopted.

The 1290 home visits consisted of emergencies, taxis, aid, consultation & mange treatments, while for the 109 mange dogs treated a minimum of four visits each for active cases, plus follow up for  reoccurrence) was required.

The foundation secured free or low cost sterilizations for the 539 animals that needed it  concentrating on female pets. The animal welfare foundation also managed to rescue hundreds of unwanted, stray, or injured animals, including goats, piglets and birds. Te number of animals adopted last year was not as much as the Foundation would have liked, but this is mainly because this is done by a separate organization. “2014 adoption figures continue to be low since Animal Hospital of St. Maarten now runs our former adoption center there independently. Additional adoptions are handled separately by the Animal Care Center and other animal activist groups on the Dutch side,” the foundation explained in its annual report.

The welfare foundation did not just keep their contributions to animals but took the time last year to donate educational humane materials for every Dutch side primary school child according to reading level. These were distributed bi-monthly to all the schools.   The Foundation also provided community service opportunities for local school children.

“2014 was an eventful year for both for the island’s pets and their owners. Public awareness events included our “Santa Paws” dog walk in Philipsburg as well as three low cost spay/neuter campaigns:  Valentine’s, Spring Spay and Summer/Spay.   Also in 2014 we began two pilot programs: a. for World Animal Day an outreach campaign with Sister Magda Primary school to reward students for finding owners interested in spaying pets and b. birth control pills for controlling the stray/feral cat population, the pills to be funded with the help of BWA’s generous donation.

“Finally we are forever grateful to those who have opened their homes for adoption or fostering the many animals in need of loving homes and for which we graciously Thank Them,” the foundation’s president said.

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