Asha Stevens campus opens with minor glitches

POSTED: 08/14/12 11:52 AM

St. Maarten — It was with mixed emotions that the new students at the Asha Stevens Campus of the Hillside Christian School had their first day at school. The newly built facility could be considered one of the most modern schools on the island with its large classrooms that are painted in colors that would enhance learning said one of the parents who visited the school for the first time.
On the first day at school the children and some parents had to be shuttled by bus to an area near the school to the excitement of many of the children since the road and the parking facility in front of the school is not completed as yet. This road along with the drainage is expected to be completed on October 27. Until then the situation will remain as it is.
Meanwhile, an area next to the provision stand situated on the Welgelegen Road has been cleared for the parents to park their vehicles while members of the Control Unit are ensuring that the students and their parents are guided safely to board the shuttle buses. Although some parents felt that the school should have remained closed until all of the facilities were in order the management of the school though that it was a “very good idea” to have the school opened on the official day regardless to the situation since the teachers, class rooms and the students are ready.
There was an unfortunate incident where a school bus tried to negotiate the bend of the intersection that leads to the school and lost a tire after the vehicle hit the curb. No one was injured.

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Asha Stevens campus opens with minor glitches by

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