Royal Mint produces revolutionary commemorative coin for Aruba

POSTED: 08/7/12 11:42 AM

UTRECHT – The Royal Dutch Mint has produced a commemorative coin for Aruba that contains additional information that can be read with a smartphone. By scanning the coin with the phone, users get information about a shoco (the holenuil) that is typical for Aruba.
The Royal Dutch Mint is the first company in its field to use so-called augmented reality technology to produce a coin. The coin costs almost €50 or around $61.50. the first edition is limited to 2,500 copies. Based on the information on the Royal Mint’s web site it looks like the coins already sold out.
The 5-florin coin depicts a shoco, an owl that only lives on Aruba. Earlier this year the shoco was elected at the country’s national symbol. That was the reason for the Central Bank to develop the commemorative coin.
Smartphone users that scan the coin with a special app get information about the protected shoco species and about the Aruban currency. The shoco is depicted in color in the coin which is, according to the Royal Mint, possible through the use of special photo techniques.

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