Editorial: Opportunities

POSTED: 03/9/12 11:52 AM

What a difference an addict makes. Wednesday there were two defendants in court who had both been sent to Turning Point for treatment. That is an opportunity, like a gateway to a better or at least to a different life. The alternative is time in prison.

One addict grabbed that opportunity with both hands last year, and he made the best of it. He stuck to the rules, Turning Point reports positively about him, and even though he remained in some sort of denial about the burglaries he was accused of, the court opened the door for him to freedom with a suspended sentence.

The second addict however is a different story. He initially indicated he wanted to go to Turning Point, but already after one day after arrival he changed his mind. This man prefers to do time in the Pointe Blanche prison. The court honored his request and sentenced him to 1 year imprisonment.

Sometimes it is hard to believe how people waste away their lives.

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