“Every appearance that death Latoya Bryson was accident”

POSTED: 11/7/11 5:03 PM

St. Maarten / MIDDLE REGION – The death by electrocution of 28-year-old Latoya Bryson last week Tuesday has become the subject of relentless speculation. Did the woman die through a brutal accident with a badly connected hair dryer? Or is she St. Maarten’s seventeenth murder victim of the year?
Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos told this newspaper yesterday that the police doctor established that Bryson died through electrocution. “There is no doubt about that,” Mos said. “Then you have to ask yourself whether it is necessary to do an autopsy. In our opinion this is not a crime, but the investigation is still ongoing.”
Mr. Mos said that the family approached the case-prosecutor for a meeting. “They told him that the victim was in an abusive relationship and that her boyfriend beat her up regularly. That feeds the stories that are going around. To put a stop to those speculations we want to exclude that anything else is in platy here. We want to know what happened and that is why we have ordered the autopsy.”
Mr. Mos said that, if the autopsy report concludes that there is no doubt about the cause of death, investigators will have to make do with what they found on the location where the young woman died. “There is every appearance that this is an accident caused by a poorly connected appliance. The victim was wet and the consequences of her contact with this appliance are not unusual.”

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